Thank you for visiting the Southeast Asian Assistance Center (SAAC) website.

You will find that SAAC has a long history of assisting and supporting limited English proficient (LEP) individuals and families going as far back as 1977.  SAAC has provided assistance and support to LEP persons experiencing legal, health, landlord/tenant, school, community conflict, gang activity, family conflict, and immigration problems.

Currently, SAAC provides primarily culturally competent interpretation services to clients and providers of the Division of Behavioral Health Services (Mental Health Services and Alcohol & Drug Treatment Services) of Sacramento County.  In addition to this core service, SAAC hosts a free legal immigration and citizenship clinic once a month.  For a nominal fee, SAAC also completes immigration and citizenship forms throughout the month.  Lastly,  SAAC began holding support group meetings every 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Thursdays of the month in the Hmong language.

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Again, thank you for visiting our website.


Sadia-Himalaya Rajput
Executive Director